7 Tells Of An Interested Woman

It is often difficult to know for sure when a woman is interested in more than just friendship and many people can easily confuse a sympathetic pat or word as a sign of something more. Making assumptions that lead to embarrassing situations can create insecurities that are not welcomed by most suitors. How then can a person tell when a woman might be interested in them? It isn’t easy and certainly many women act in different ways to show outward signs of interest; to know for certain often requires taking that risky step and simply asking the lady out on a date; however there are a few signals that can often be interpreted as signs of interest. Though a person should never assume anything about a woman’s actions, these signals can help to eliminate any obvious signs of disinterest.

As with many things in life, knowing whether a woman is interested or not often amounts to playing percentages and can be risky when making a move. Though no one should ever allows themselves to feel too badly over rejection (it’s often got little to do with you personally,) assessing the risk before taking the plunge can prevent a great deal of heartache.

• Touching: Just as there are many types of women, there are also many types of touches, with even more types of meanings. Too often is it assumed that when a woman touches a person she might find attractive that she IS in fact attracted; this is often not the case. Touch can mean a variety of different things including physical interest, but it can also simply be a sign of platonic interest. Knowing the difference between a comforting pat and a seductive caress is more often than not common sense, however in some cases people will look for any sign as permission to take action. Be careful to watch the rest of her body language, tone of voice and the nature of the conversation before jumping to any conclusions about touch.

Chance of Interest: 50%b

• Looking: When you believe a woman has noticed you, especially in a social situation, this can mean many different things. Perhaps you have something on your face, maybe something very interesting is happening…behind you, or it just might be that she does indeed like the look of you. Even if the last were true a person still cannot make assumptions about these looks being an invitation for action. On the other hand, if the look is accompanied by a smile and you are positive that it is intended for you, this could be a sign that she would like you to talk with her.

Multiple looks can also be a very positive sign, though once again, you must be sure it is you she is looking at. Another problem with action based only on a look is that even of a woman finds you attractive it doesn’t mean she wants you to take any further action.

This can be very confusing for many men as a vast majority of them often only look at women they would like a chance to get to know better. Often the solution to this problem is simply giving it a little time; multiple looks mixed with a smile might not be a certain invitation, but will often not result in harsh rejection as the woman will understand why you thought it acceptable to approach her. Use common sense and be careful not assume that a look means anything more than taking in her surroundings.

Chance of Interest: 50% (Chance of Interest with Multiple Looks and/or smile: 80%)

• Calling You: If a woman has taken the trouble to get your phone number, say from a friend or some other outside source that did not include your offering it to her, this often indicates that she is interested in getting to know you better.

What kind of relationship she is after is not always so easily determined; it is after all possible that she enjoys speaking with you, but has no interest in a romantic relationship. Often, if the latter is the case, the woman will flirt or flat out tell you of her feelings to avoid any confusion; in some cases though it would be expected for you to make the next move as she has already taken the first step by dialing your number. Unless expressly stated that she is not interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with you it is often safe to assume she is and therefore taking the next step by inviting her out on a date would not only be wise but expected. If the woman who calls you is already in a relationship you must act very carefully; no one enjoys being the cause of a breakup, (at least not the psychologically stable,) but in many cases it is not the third party’s involvement that causes the problems so we will simply side step that issue.

If the woman calling you is a relationship she might still be interested in you however until she decides to end it, pursuing anything more than friendship would be unwise; in all likelihood one or both of you will get hurt. For a person looking only to have an affair a relationship of this kind might work for a while, but most result in one or both people becoming too attached and miserable: be cautious.

Chance of Interest: 75%

• Texting/IMing/Emailing: Though certainly emails can mean many different things the idea of these newer forms of communication is to stay in contact with a person on a regular basis. Often people type in messages what they may have difficulty with saying in face-to-face and for this reason one of these communications might very well mean the woman is interested in pursuing something more. Online dating offers these very forms in order to bring people together and with great success, but a good amount of common sense is still needed to interpret what exactly the messages mean.

Often if this is a sign of interest it means that it is either; the woman’s only form of communication with you (i.e.: online dating or matchmaking,) in other cases there is a strong chance that the woman is shy. In many cases text and the emotional intent behind it can be misunderstood which is why many people use emoticons to help make their messages clear.

Without being able to know for certain from the text, the only assumption that can be made is that the woman is interested in connecting with you; because of this there is a strong chance only of her wanting some type of relationship, though what kind is uncertain. If she uses icons or words that are especially flirty in nature the chances for romantic interest are increased, but still uncertain as many woman feel able to flirt more freely through text than they would face to face.

Chance of Interest: 50% (Chance of Interest with Flirting Icons or Text: 85%)

• Staying Close: If you happen to notice that a woman remains close to you at a social gathering; seems to always be in the same room or near the same activities, there is a very strong possibility (with some wiggle room for coincidence,) that she is interested and is attempting to get your attention without seeming to notice you. One way to determine whether or not she is for all intents and purposes, chasing you is to attempt to make solid eye contact.

If this is accomplished and she is interested, it will often be accompanied by a smile; quick look away, or in some cases blushing. At this point if she continues to stay relatively close to you it is a pretty safe bet to take action and try to spark up a conversation. If you still need enjoying similar things, but a direct change in behavior or interests that match your own can mean a great deal. This situation is not always apparent and may only be noticed by people that are close to her; often people are already in the same social circles before something like this can occur.

If you notice this kind of behavior from a woman there is a slight chance she is trying to make herself more desirable for you, however don’t jump to any conclusions. If you are able to inquire tactfully, do so with any friends you may have in common and in some cases you might be able to use her new found interest in order to invite her out, (which is often the goal of this behavior.)

Chance of Interest: 25% (Chance of Interest if change is unusual behavior: 80%)

• Gifts: Once again, this kind of action usually only occurs within relationships that are already formed, though perhaps not yet romantic; however there are many small gifts that might not have a great monetary value, but can indicate a great deal. If a woman gives you a gift it can mean many things ranging from you were the first person she saw, (e.g. party favors) to she is very interested in pursuing a romantic relationship.

Paying close attention to her body language when she gives you the gift can be an important sign as to what it means; if she smiles a great deal or is flushed it can mean that she is nervous because she is attracted to you; on the other hand if the gift is given in a dismissive way, little or no eye contact, you cannot confirm much interest at all.

Chance of Interest: 10% (Chance of Interest if she acts nervous or flirty: 95%)

Knowing how to navigate the complicated actions of human behavior is difficult for most people and impossible for some. Always keep in mind that caution is a good way to avoid embarrassment, but that in order to proceed a person must at times take risks.

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