5 Reasons Why Homestaging Sells Homes

It doesnt take a genius to know that the better a home looks the easier it is to sell. Then why do so many people try to sell their homes empty or in deplorable condition? Its not usually because of lack of time and not always because of lack of funds. So is it lack of common sense or just laziness?

Homestaging expert and trainer, Barbara Jennings, is director of The Academy of Staging and Redesign. I think many people shut down when it comes to preparing their homes for sale. The task feels overwhelming. They have emotionally set their minds and hearts on where they will live next and just dont want to go to the trouble and expense to fix up the property to be sold.

But here are 5 good reasons why every homeowner should pay attention to the principles of real estate staging, whether they hire a professional to stage their home or they do the work themselves.

1. Homestaging fixes the most glaring negatives in the house. No one wants to buy a house that looks as if it has been unkempt for many years. No one wants to pay for someone elses mistakes or lack of attention.

2. Real estate staging diminishes the defects in a house. Every house, no matter how well built, has defects of one kind or another. But even if it were perfect, it will not meet the needs and wants of every potential buyer that sees it. The key is in making sure that the defects are minimized, so it will appeal to the most buyers.

3. Real estate staging accentuates the homes attributes. Every home has a charm all its own but one may have to work at it to bring out that charm. Whether the house is old or relatively new, real estate staging can go a long way to dramatically enhancing the best features of the house.

4. Homestaging reaches buyers on an emotional level. It is a well known fact that buyers do not make offers unless and until they have an emotional connection with a property. But most people struggle with visualizing their furnishings in the home. Thats why proper real estate staging can make a huge statement because it helps them visualize living in the home and even suggests ideas for arrangements.

5. Home staging brings the sizzle to the steak. While some people (mostly men) like seeing the shell of a house, women definitely respond more favorably to a well appointed, nicely decorated home. Once problems are fixed, real estate staging creates a cozy, comfortable feeling that helps potential buyers make a real, lasting connection.

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