The Options Of Men’s Underwear Designs

There are three main fashions of mens underwear on the market, boxer shorts trunks, briefs and mens thongs, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. So let’s look at each one in turn:

Mens Boxers and Trunks

Traditionally boxer shorts were designed as loose fitting cotton or sometimes silk shorts, encapsulated for many of us, who are old enough to remember, by the popular Levi’s advert in the 80’s of the American guy taking off his Levi jeans in a laundrette and sitting back in a pair of white boxer shorts.

Still worn by some and perhaps more so by those who were inspired by them and were wearing them in the 80’s, they have become less popular by today’s younger generation of mobile text trendy youths, who are much more fashion conscious.

Boxer shorts now seem to be the preserve of yesterday’s yuppie generation and have been pushed to one side for a more discerning male who looks for the functional and practical aspects that boxer shorts lacked, particularly with regards to support. Instead, men now seem to prefer the fitted lycra trunk, with technical fibres and added ‘ball control’ that meets the demandsof today’s outwardly looking active male.

There seems to be three basic options in fitted men’s trunks; the classic trunk, hipster, and midi. These differ according to where they sit on the waist or hip and the leg length.

Overall, trunks offer a seem free look and because of their close fit they also offer very good support and control in the pouch, which is possibly why they are so popular with men.

Men’s Briefs

Briefs now seem to be one of the least popular choices of mens underwear and fall way behind in the league table to trunks. Nevertheless, they are still available in a variety of styles, which vary according to their cut. One of the main reasons that briefs seem to be less popular is due to the fact that they don’t always sit in place at the rear and can result in an unwanted ‘wedgie’. However, they still offer a more minimalist look than trunks and at the same time offer good support and control, but lack the line free look.

Male Thongs and Mens G-strings

Thongs offer this all important comfort and support far greater than any other design and because of the ever increasing range of quality, stylish and practicality, men seem to be putting comfort before vanity and opting for a designer mens thong.

Thongs are the most liked choice of strings and are distinguished from g-strings by having a much broader string or thong that is about three quarters to an inch wide and become broader toward the waist band at the rear.

G-strings are favoured by some because of there much greater minimalist look and are distinguished by a much narrow string, usually only about a quarter of an inch wide.

Men’s Thongs and g-strings have become very popular by the active male for wearing during sport and high impact activity because of the support and control they offer. They are most commonly made from micro fibres or cotton.

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