Stylish Male Underwear – Do You Go For Comfort Or Sex Appeal?

When it comes to Mens Underwear, is comfort against sex appeal a home or away game and what is appropriate for which occasion?

Lets face it, when it comes to women’s lingerie men don’t give two hoots whether or not they are comfy for her and would like to believe that all women wore thongs 24/7! Ask any bloke what standard reply he would like a woman to say when he asks her what underwear she would like and most would want to hear, ‘Just buy me stockings, suspenders and thongs, it is all I wear, the more the merrier darling”. Some men may even be hoping that Barack Obama makes women’s thongs tax free as one of his top priorities.

Sadly, this dreamideology will have to remain in the realms of fantasy, because most women place comfort before sex appeal. Interestingly, this also seems to be the same for men buying men’s underwear, which when it comes to underpants is possibly more important for men than women because they require more support and control.

Women are repeatedly told of how important it is for them to ensure they are fitted correctly for the perfect bra and to ensure their breasts are adequately supported. The same should also be true for men, because it is vitally important that men ensure that they are fitted correctly for supportive and controlling underpants, as it can lead to testicular trauma, a common testicular problem.

However, comfort does not always have to equally frumpy and that you can still combine comfort and support with sex appeal because there is far more for men to choose from than before.

Leading designer labels in men’s underwear have really got to grips with this and recognise that men to place a great amount of importance on comfort, which is possibly what saw the demise of the traditional loose fitting cotton boxer short. Boy, were they ball aches, why on earth were they as popular as they were. What could be more uncomfortable than having your ‘jaccobs’ half way down your leg all day.

Thankfully, boxer shorts now seem to be a thing of the past and have made way for fitted lycra trunks, boxer briefs and fitted boxer shorts made from technical dynamic fabrics that fit close to the skin and hold everything in place. Designers have gone to great lengths to offer the best pouch possible with side seams for lateral control and a central seam for contouring. These really are a feat of engineering excellence and are suited for everyday wear and also for sport, especially those that combine anti bacterial fabrics and ‘coolmax’ material designed to wick sweat away from the skin.

Whilst men’s briefs are seeing a bit of a revival, men’s trunks still remain a popular choice because they also offer a line free look as men become much more style conscious and want clean looks.

Surprisingly, mens thongs are the second most popular style and some online retailers report that where fitted trunks account for about 45% of their sales, thongs account for about 35 – 40% of their sales, speculating that men value the support and control that they offer. Testimony to their popularity is the fact that nearly every top designer label, such as Calvin Klein are stocking thongs, particularly those designed for sport.

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