Online Orders Of Men’s G-strings Boom

The floor may have dropped out of the market for women’s thongs, but it is not necessarily so for mens thongs and some retailers are reporting that thongs for men are one of their most popular styles.

There seems to be a enormous in a thong either and let’s face it, thongs only look good if you have the body to carry them off, is irrespective of whether you are male or female.

So when it comes to mens underwear  why are thongs so popular and liked so much by men, and also female customers buying them for their partners?

Well, customer feedback suggests men love them so much because of the incredible support, functionality and practical qualities they have. This concurs with the beliefs that there is probably a greater argument for the fact that mens thong  are more suited to men than they are to women.

Men’s thongs are thought to have been around for thousands of years. Undoubtedly, our ancestors first wore thongs when vanity was not such any issue, men weren’t shouted out as being gay for running around in one whilst trying to hunt a lion and women couldn’t have given a dam, so long as the bloke brought back some food. They most likely wore them because they did what they were supposed to do, cover, support and protect their balls

This basic need for men to have a practical and supportive undergarment is just the same today, it’s just that vanity, socialisation and cultures that get in the way of us sometimes selecting the right style.

Women place just as much importance on their breast being adequately supported and are constantly being told how important it is to be measured for a well fitting and supportive bra. Well, it is just as important to have a well fitting and supportive pair of pants, and thongs do just that, without there needing to be more to them than necessary.

Testimony to the growing popularity in men’s thongs is the fact that we are now seeing an increasing number of top designer brands adding thongs to their range of men’s underwear and continue to do so year after year. Additionally, you only have to search the web for men’s underwear or men’s thongs to find that there are many online retailers, including some of the bigger and better known ones that are stocking men’s thongs. They are all selling them and this says a lot about men’s online shopping habits and what it is they prefer to wear under their pants.

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