Mens Underwear – What Women Love

Historically it has been women, who have bought sexy underwear for their man in order to please him, but times are changing and the modern woman is looking for more than a pair of supermarket multipack mens boxers that have been over washed. So guys, if you want to excite the ladies it’s time to take a long hard look at your underwear drawer. Here are a few tips to help you on your way.

1. Bin anything that is over 24 months old, over washed faded undies are a definite no, along with any item which has saggy elastic, holes or any strange marks!

2. Do they all still fit you? It’s no good wearing underwear which is too small (or too big) they just make you appear a little porky.

3. Look at the colour spectrum. Mens underwear has come a long way in the last few years, and gone are the days of navy, black, white and grey only. The colour styles change from season to season so make sure you’re up to date, but also the colour you choose flatters your skin tone. If you are milky white you may want to stay clear of yellow and greens. Matching your underwear shade to your outfit colour is the way most women dress so why not follow that theory.

4. Look at the styles you choose. mens underwear today is available in a host of looks to suit any shape and size. Don’t be afraid to try something different, but be realistic about your body, whilst a man with a Chippendale body looks great in a thong or g-string, a flabby gut and spotty bum tends to have the opposite effect on the ladies, so you may be more suited to mens boxers!

5. Consider about the material you prefer, as a wealth of technical fibres are used in underwear, so if you are active and go to the gym a lot, look at sports underwear that performs well and wicks moisture away from the skin. HOM offer a great selection of sports and active mens underwear. For everyday wear, think about something a little more adventurous than cotton jersey, have a look at microfibre ranges which wash well are super soft and comfortable and give great support. And for the evening, look at the sensuous semi sheer fabrics which are soft to the touch.

6. Think about quality! Whilst labels are not everything, the old adage you get what you pay for – applies to mens underwear! Look at the designer ranges, such as HOM, Mey and Manstore it is here that you will come across the fabrics and cuts to suit you. The quality and comfort is there too, and you will find that they will wash well and maintain there shape and colour without the stitching coming undone and the elastic stretching out of shape.

So now you have a little food for thought and a few tips to set you on your way, but just one more thing to bear in mind – don’t forget to wear clean underwear if you want to impress the ladies!

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