Mens Underwear Personality Type – Gene Hunt Or Russell Brand

What famous personality are you when it comes to what undies you go for?

For some reason most of us like to believe that when choosing mens underwear, men would go for the rugged, no fuss, and tough man image of Gene Hunt and choose our underwear accordingly.

Most of us would guess that someone like Gene Hunt would go for strong and practical pants that do not have a ‘nancy boy’ image. You can almost hear him shouting at some underwear options by crying, ‘I am not wearing them. Do you think I am some sort of a puff?’

Clearly, Gene Hunt would only bee seen in some practical brief or boxer shorts. Yet, Russell Brand on the other hand might perhaps feel less insecure and go for something a bit more risqué, a male thong.

When it comes to choosing men’s underwear it is important to appreciatethat like any other item of clothing, we generally chose what we wear because of what we feel it says about us as a person. Are we trendy, sporty, sexual or like to play it safe. Do you go for waist bands with designer names emblazoned on them, plain athletic briefs or something sheer and silky.

What ever style personality you are, online retailers are reporting that there are greater disparities between what we think most men would go for and what they are actually choosing. Whilst Gene Hunt would pick up a 5 pack from C A, Russell Brand would be shopping online for something a bit more interesting, and this seems to be what most men (or more than you might think) are doing.

There is definitely an underground movement and keen following of Russell Brands out there who are looking for something a bit more risqué and exotic, and they are not gay.

Gay men have always been seen to be on top of what’s hot and what’s not and have known how to dress with style and panache, particularly when it comes to underwear. However, it seems that straight men are also getting with the programme and are feeling much more secure about who they are as an individual and appreciate that it is nice to wear sexy underwear.

Whilst lycra fitted boxer shorts and trunks are favourite, slinky g-strings are not far behind and men are preferring underwear made from either sheer material or technical second skin fabrics that provides a silky microfibre feel to the touch.

There is now more than ever an increasing choice of mens underwear available that caters for all underwear personality types. So whether you are a thong loving Russell Brand or play it safe macho Gene Hunt, then you are sure to find something to suit you online.

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