Men’s Underwear – How Male Designer Boxer Shorts Shape Up

What do boxer shorts mean for most of us? What do we think of or expect them to be? Many people old enough to remember will think of the famous jeans advert with the guy stripping off his jeans in the laundrette and then sitting in a pair of white cotton loose fitting boxer shorts.

Boxer shorts have come a long way since then and there are lots more designs and styles to choose from. You only have to look at some online retailers to see the choice of styles to pick from, and when you alternate between the different styles that are labeled as boxer shorts you will be surprised at the choice available in mens underwear.

Mens boxers  were once regarded as a loose fitting short that provides little or no support. However, we are now seeing terms such as; fitted boxer shorts, boxer briefs, trunks, maxis and hipsters among the list of designs to choose from.

There looks to be three main styles of men’s underwear; briefs, thongs and trunks, and it is the later that usually incorporates what some will consider as the loose fitting boxer shorts. However, these terms seem to be inter changeable and boxer shorts, boxer briefs and trunks have increasingly come to cover anything from your loose fitting short to your closer fitting and figure hugging shorts.

The fabric which boxer shorts are made from have come a long way too. Anti bacterial fabrics which wick away sweat from the body to soft silky micro-fibres and even organic cotton, in every colour and pattern you can wish for are available worldwide thanks to internet selling. For a sexy look boxer trunks can be opaque, semi opaque or transparent leaving nothing to the imagination.

HOM is a stylish manufacturer of more fitted boxer trunks which give the support needed whilst remaining accessible via their patented HO1 horizontal opening. Gone are the days of the button fly, although these are still available for those who want them.

Testimony to the expanding range of boxer shorts available in men’s underwear can be seen from the vast range of styles and looks offered by some of the most popular designer brands. Online stores offer a vast range of different styles in boxer shorts and underwear in general for men. At last men are narrowing the gap between the ranges of styles and look available for them and those enjoyed by women in the lingerie department.

This is possible one of the reasons why online sales of men’s underwear in general is becoming a growing and many men will replenish their underwear draw not because their pants have holes in them, but more because they wish to have this years latest lines and styles, spending on average £20 per pair of pants.

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