Male Underwear – Silk Boxers Get Softer

Can you remember when boxer shorts just use to be boxer shorts and all there was to select of super fine fabrics, which provides them a super soft and silky second skin feel to them.

It seems that men are no longer satisfied with any old fabric and underwear manufacturers are rising to the demand and are producing a much greater range of boxer shorts that incorporate the latest technical fabrics. HOM fashion are even producing a range of underwear called ‘Light Colours’ made from fabric that have an anti bacterial property to it and fit like a second skin with silk like feel.

So what is on offer and what is causing the demand? There are trunks, boxer shorts, maxis, boxer briefs and hipsters to name just a few. However, what does seem apparent is there is much less of what we regard as the traditional boxer short. Much, if not 90% of what is marketed as boxer shorts nowadays is almost certainly going to incorporate a degree of lycra that produces a snug and close fitting pair of pants. These seem to be one of the most popular styles of underwear for men and it appears that this is largely because of the fantastic level of support and control that they offer men in the ‘giggleberries’ department.

Fabrics have evolved considerable and the choices available and used for ladies lingerie is now being used widely in men’s underwear. There are some particularly great technical fabrics and micro fibres that have all the properties that are idea for the active male and sportsman. These not only offer support and control, but have cooling qualities and an ability to wick sweat away from the skin.

What ever your preference there is a huge choice of underwear for men that are labelled as ‘boxer shorts’. Take a look at what HOM Fashion has to offer at to see how far styles have come. Men can choose from fitted trunks that sit low on the hip, have a short square leg, are made from lycra, polymides, super soft next generation cottons that are almost as fine as silk and in a choice of colours as broad as the spectrum.

For the first time, mens underwear does truly look to have narrowed the gap between the choice of fabrics available in lingerie for women and what is now available for men.

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