Helpful Secrets About The Press

Why is it that whenever you watch the news on TV or read it in the newspaper it is all doom and gloom?

Why is it that when there is a plane crash it is reported that 50 people were killed when there were 150 survivors. Surely the most important part of the story should be that 150 people survived.

The same thing happens with all sorts of disasters. All the press seems to want to do is tell us the worst news.

I was at an airport a few years ago where, the day previously, an aircraft had taxied off the runway and got stuck in the grass. No-one was hurt and all the passengers were taken by bus to the terminal and their flight was re-scheduled for the following day.

Many of these passengers were placed on the same flight as me and, of course, the press was there in force to get a story.

They interviewed several people from the flight near to me and although they were informed by them that there was no panic on board, still persevered to find any case of screaming passengers praying in their seats. They tried to “make news” out of what, in fact, was a minor incident.

We see this all the time. They ask stupid questions that the viewer or reader already knows the answer to. An example would be when they ask someone who has just seen their loved ones killed “How do you feel”? Absolute stupidity and lacking any discretion. I eagerly wait for the day when someone replies “How the hell do you think I feel” and punches them in the nose.

The worry is that, with takeovers, fewer and fewer people control the media and therefore have the power to control even governments and who governs.

How it works.
1. The press sniffs a story.
2. The press convinces the people it is fact.
3. The people pressure the politicians.
4. The politicians are forced to act.

All this “making of the news” is getting to the point where it is totally irresponsible.
An example would be the so called “bird flu pandemic”. The death toll worldwide amounted to less than a thousand but it was hyped up so much by the press that millions of people around the world were convinced that the end of civilization was near. Governments around the world wasted millions of dollars on medications to fight it. These millions of dollars could have been better spent on other, more important things. It was “the power of the press” that persuaded them into believing the worst.

It was the press that convinced the world that aircraft would fall from the sky at the turn of the millennium and that even your toaster would stop working.

Even though ALL the experts around the world debunked the claims the press continued their tirade causing undue worry for thousands, if not millions, worldwide.

The press

The worst example of this power is the unbalanced reporting of so called “global warming”. This is being hyped up to an alarming extent. Of course there is no story in reporting that all is well with our planet even though the number of scientists that support the “global warming” theory is vastly outnumbered by those that dispute it.

Some people have made fortunes from this myth. It has been claimed that the sea level will rise 10 or 20 metres depending who you listen to. This has been proved to be impossible, by the majority of mathematicians, as there is insufficient total moisture on the planet for this to happen.

Does the press report this, together with the fact that the planet has been cooling for the last decade? No, this would NOT be news. The whole world has been dragged into the story as they all want to be seen as the good guys. One day someone will see that “the emperor has no clothes”.

What a great day it will be when you can actually turn on the news and actually get some.

The good news.

1. The planet is cooling and the global warming myth will be eventually exposed.
2. After all the hype the planet is, at least, a cleaner place to be.
3. The people are slowly “waking up”.
4. Bird flu did not wipe out mankind.
5. Aircraft did not “fall out of the sky in 2000 and your toaster still works.

The media

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