Free Girly Thanksgiving MySpace Layouts

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If you are a MySpace user, you have learned what an easy to read and fun profile looks like. The only problem is, you may not know how to create or find out. Most of the time when you see an awful MySpace layout, its because its sloppy, hard to read, or has annoying links you didn’t even see. That is because since MySpace has been growing so much, so have the layout sites. In fact, MySpace layout sites have been generating tons of revenue through advertising. This advertising can even be through hidden spam in your own profile.

Once you start seeing all the nice profiles on MySpace, you instantly hit Google and start searching away for a great free MySpace layout site. What you dont realize that the ones you are going to find the easiest will most likely have the most spam. As a website publisher myself, I understand why this spam is there, and what it accomplishes. But as a MySpace user, these hidden links can get annoying. So you have to know what you are looking for in a layout.

MySpace layout designers will put hidden backlinks to their site in all of their layouts. What this does for them is 2 things.

1. It creates free advertising for them and possible hits from all over the MySpace world.
2. These backlinks help their page rank in Google. The more links to their site, the more important their site looks to Google, therefore the higher up it will rank when MySpace layouts are searched for. The site MySpace Trends goes into great detail about this, and how web marketers use this.

Now all hope is not lost when looking for a good layout. These backlinks that MySpace layout designers use is not all bad. In fact, it does help keep your favorite MySpace layout site in business. But knowing what you are looking for is important.

Try and stay away from the layouts that have lots of links and menu bar modifications. I have found that most of the back links will come from modifying the menu bars. The good MySpace layout sites you will find are the ones that let you hack your MySpace profile. This will let you edit one aspect at a time instead of just throwing a new layout on your profile all at once. This will also let you control any unwanted layout designs, and you will also become familiar with the coding.

These tips will help you create a great looking MySpace layout without much hassle.

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