Companies Loan Modification Affiliate Program Here

Online Mortgage Loan Modification Company, is proud to announce their new loan modification affiliate program. currently offers homeowners Attorney backed legal loan modifications through their network of attorneys. Through the creation of their new loan modification affiliate program, hopes to save more homes, while offering the opportunity to provide another source of income for approved affiliates. Their loan modification affiliate program is ready for immediate launch throughout the 2008 holiday season, and will continue to expand into 2009.

We are extremely excited to make our services available through our loan modification affiliate program and open up our opportunity to more than our In-House employees.” Reports President, Aaron Landreth. “This opportunity will open more doors for homeowners to legally modify their mortgage and provide extra income for affiliates. I can’t think of a better present for the holidays.”

The mortgage modification affiliate program is available to anyone who desires to help in the financial lives of their neighbors, friends, co-workers, and family members. is offering 2 levels of affiliation. Their ‘Premier’ loan modification affiliate program is available for affiliates who simply wish to refer clientele to the company. A second program, known as their ‘Professional’ loan modification affiliate program is available for affiliates who wish to have a more “hands on” approach and participate in the approval and completion of the loan modification. Check the loan modification affiliate program for more details.

Unlike many other mortgage modification companies that offer affiliate programs, does not charge for affiliate membership or for the complete desk support that they provide their affiliates. They provide full sales support, desk support and client support. They also anticipate personalized individual affiliate website packages beginning the New Year 2009. This service will help affiliates generate loan modification leads through a branded interface and effective ‘calls to action’. also offers free loan modification training for those affiliates that are just beginning to enter the business. Once a professional signs up with’s affiliate program, they are provided with the training necessary to effectively handle client needs, lender requests and attorney demands. feels that it is necessary to provide free training for their affiliates in order to increase affiliate professionalism as well as provide homeowners with service unparalleled anywhere in the loan modification industry. is a loan modification company supported by a loan modification law firm. They are one of the few loan modification companies that never charges money up-front, offers a money back guarantee, posts online loan modification tracking, and will negotiate with your lender on your behalf to get a payment that homeowners deserve. They can be reached wither online at their company website,, or contacted toll free at 1-888-500-2414. View their loan modification affiliate program at

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